Tips for Secure Transaction with a Credit Card

In connection with this fraud case, there are several modes of credit card fraud that often occur. But, fraud by skimming is the number one fraud and most often occurs. Skimming occurs because there are unscrupulous elements when you use a credit card when shopping.

Where he will swipe your credit card to the payment machine that is equipped with a skimmer. This will allow the offender to get all personal information about your credit card so that it can be used at any time.

From this fact, it is clearly necessary caution in maintaining the security of our credit cards. To help you, here are 8 important steps we take to maintain credit card security:

Treat Your Card Like an Important Item

Treat Your Card Like an Important Item

Are you among those who are careless in holding an item? You should be a person who cannot hold a credit card for long. Why? Imagine if you lost your wallet somewhere due to carelessly putting it? Then there are irresponsible people who take it and make your credit card (which does not have a pin) as his property. How much loss will you receive? To avoid this bad possibility, start to think about and make your credit card like cash.

Do not leave credit cards lying around or in the hands of strangers/strangers. This behavior makes life a little more annoying, but it will be even more annoying if you are bothered by the loss of a credit card and all data including the limit value.

Perform Online Transactions from Trusted Sites

Shopping online has become a normal thing to do in the present. When doing so, we often enter credit card information to make payments without thinking whether your data security is guaranteed or not. Imagine if it turns out the security of the online site where you shop was very weak and was used by unscrupulous elements to steal transaction data. Then, most likely you will be the victim.

To keep the case from happening, you have to make certain of these things. First, check the position of the site on Google. Sites that have a good reputation will certainly appear at the top of the search engines.

Second, make sure you check the security signs of any site, where you will shop. Sites with good security usually start with ‘https’, not the standard ‘HTTP’. With the sign ‘https’, it means the site uses an encryption code when transmitting data online.

Be Careful When You Travel / Vacation

Be Careful When You Travel / Vacation

Beware of hackers who can open your personal information from anywhere in the world. In this case, you must be extra careful when traveling abroad. Use your credit card only at Bank ATMs and trusted retailers.

Also, before leaving, make sure the bank knows where you are going. So they can tell you if there is a suspicious purchase. Try to always update your antivirus protection if you carry a laptop on the go.

Avoid using free wifi in public places

To be able to surf in cyberspace, sometimes people are willing to do anything, including using free WiFi anywhere without knowing the risks that may arise. You need to know, free WiFi often does not get good network protection, so anyone can use it to commit cybercrimes, including credit card data theft.

What’s the solution? In this case, we strongly advise you not to shop online using a free WiFi network. Because hackers often install malware on public computers specifically targeting online buyers. Plus a computer cache can store your personal information, making it easier for the perpetrators to steal it.

Never Store Credit Card Numbers on Personal Devices


In this case, do not store credit card numbers and PINs on personal laptops. Indeed, sometimes people like to forget to remember important things like PIN numbers, but that does not mean you can be haphazard in finding solutions, namely by writing them in a personal note application on a laptop.

Imagine if someone else saw the number and he has bad intentions to steal the data. Of course, you also lose right? Remember, anyone can commit a crime if there is an opportunity.

Beware of Fake Emails

Ever received a strange e-mail from someone claiming to have a problem with your order, and you need to re-submit your credit card information or enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security number? Leave it alone, and immediately delete the email. Never tell that number to anyone, including the bank though, because it is very confidential. If you receive an email like that, and you are in doubt, call the customer service number from the bank or shop where you shop to talk directly about the problem mentioned in the email.

Keep Your Credit Card Data Well

Some of the motives for credit card data theft that occur at this time may still be a lot that you do not know about. Therefore, extra caution is needed from you as a credit card holder in maintaining card information so it does not fall into the wrong hands.

Do not let you become another victim of this cybercrime. However, if it turns out you have become a victim, immediately report to the bank and the police so that this problem can be resolved immediately.

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