Credit Cards Can Make You “Rich” with These 5 Bonuses

There is a reason credit cards are often touted as magic cards. Although often considered “dangerous”, this card has a number of features and facilities that make financial conditions even healthier. Of course with the right use and not used as a backup of money, aka debt cards. If this is just dangerous to the financial condition.

Credit cards are ideally used as a means of payment, so transactions are more practical and convenient. Especially for purchasing goods at high prices, so we no longer need to carry a lot of cash. You can also view transaction records and track expenses easily. As a result, financial budget management is easier. For those of you who like to travel abroad, this card can be used to transact worldwide. So, no need to bother exchanging money with the currency of the destination country.

But besides the series of benefits above, do you know that this magic card also has additional benefits that can make you rich? At the very least, the best credit card should be able to provide these five “bonuses”.


Free airplane ticket

Free airplane ticket

For those of you who like to travel, both at home and abroad for business or pleasure, a travel credit card can help budget travel to be more efficient.

You can get various rewards in the form of promos that can be used for various traveling activities. Ranging from facilities at the airport, hotel discount promos, to free airplane tickets.

These attractive offers are usually given in the form of reward points. You will get points for every transaction made using the card. The more transactions with cards, the more points can be exchanged with airmiles on a number of airlines. Later, these airmiles points can be exchanged for airline tickets or other travel promos.




At present Digibank offers cashback of up to 20 percent. There is also Lite Lenders Platinum which provides cashback of up to 25 percent or a maximum of $ 1.2 million a year, as well as a row of cashback promos from various other cards.

Pretty tempting, right? You can get a variety of cashback by transacting through this magic card. Cashback is generally in the form of bill deductions in the following month.

To maximize the benefits, don’t just choose the card with the highest cashback offer, but also adjust to your lifestyle and needs.

For example, you who are married can choose a card that offers high cashback for transactions in supermarkets, restaurants and online transactions.


Discounts and shopping vouchers

Discounts and shopping vouchers

Who can resist the temptation of discounts and shopping vouchers? There are many offers that make spending cut from credit card issuers. Ranging from discounts to shopping vouchers hundreds of thousands of rupiah.

Using this discount offer can certainly make savings. Just as long as you don’t buy goods or use services you don’t need.


0% installments

Want to buy electronic goods or gadgets worth tens of millions, but have insufficient money?

Borrowing money from bad loans or loan sharks can make you get high interest rates and even exceed the price of goods purchased. Leave this option far.

Now, with a credit card, you can take advantage of the 0% installment program. That way, you can divide large payments into installments over a period of time without being strangled with interest.

Not bad, so lighten your expenses. Even so, you still must be careful of administrative costs or taxes that may be borne.


Prize submission

credit loans

Even since you first submitted, you have had the opportunity to get a variety of prizes, you know. Prizes can also be in the form of cash loans, shopping vouchers, to free tickets. For example the main Lite Lenders Visa Signature credit card that provides round-trip tickets or cashback worth $ 1.5 million.

Despite having a series of added values, unfortunately not a few are still often mistaken for the use of credit cards. As a result, instead of being profitable, debts have even piled up to the point of going bankrupt.

To avoid this, plan and limit transactions carried out using cards. Also make sure to always pay the full bill so that you do not incur additional fees or interest.

So, in order not to feel disadvantaged, always check the bill to make sure there are no stealth transactions or misuse of cards by others or internal banks. When you find the irregularity of the bill, immediately file a complaint with the issuing bank.

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